Breast Rash Possible Causes | Cleveland Clinic - Small red bumps on my breast

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Red spots on the breast are usually symptoms of a rash or other skin . Scabies is an itchy skin condition that occurs when small mites burrow into the skin. A rash under the breast often results from skin irritation, an allergic Heat rash typically consists of small red spots, which may feel itchy, prickly.

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By Gojas - 01:17
For women, red, itchy skin between the breasts can be especially This condition causes small red bumps or hives to form on the body.
By Goltill - 16:04
Although not a common cause of bumps on the nipples, it's possible that have the condition on your nipple area and under the breasts as well. You'll have red, irritated bumps and lesions where sweat glands are present. These small hairs can curl back in towards the skin and cause an ingrown hair.
By Moogunris - 07:20
It's a condition that causes small, red bumps and hive-like bumps to form on the skin, generally during your second or third trimester. It usually.

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